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You Make Me Feel: A Doctor Who Master/ BBC's Sherlock Moriarty Crossover Fanmix:

I hope this allowed here, but it is a John Simms!Master mix, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Mods toss me a line if this is out of bounds xD

Fandom: Doctor Who/ BBC's Sherlock
Subject: The theoretical relationship of Jim Moriarty and the Master if they ever did happen to meet. Slightly HUGELY sexually tinged crossover xD
Title: You Make Me Feel.
Warnings: Lots of epic hardcore punk, and the one time I will permit Nelly Furtado xD
Notes: A slightly pop-py tinged punk mix for my two of my favorite villains, The Master and Jim Moriarty. I tried to make it as sadistic as possible and hard-edged (But figuring the Master DOES listen to The Scissor Sisters, I'd figure I'd throw in two pop-pier songs just for him xD) I LOVE the idea of a crossover where they actually meet. Good lord, the world would explode. xD

Over here at [info]dayofficons
Tags: art
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