The Other Sort Of Renegade Time Lord

so not shipping Doctor/Master because that would be wrong...

Renegade Time Lords, except for that silly one...
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Welcome to saxonvoters! A community for lovers of the somewhat more evil renegade Time Lords, particularly the Master, but any and all are welcome.


i. This community is focused on evil renegade Time Lords, and your post should have something to do with one of them to be considered on-topic. They include, but are not limited to, the Master, the Rani, the Monk and the War Chief.

ii. If you're posting icons, up to a maximum of three teaser images are allowed, the rest should be behind a cut. Please also use a cut for large images and long posts.

iii. Please label fic with any appropriate warnings.

iv. And please clearly mark any spoilers and keep them behind a cut.


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